Crystal is a part of environment in Kingdom Fantasy and Kingdom Fantasy II.


Kingdom FantasyEdit


Orbs are crystallized Magicks.

Environmental CrystalEdit

  • Blue Save Crystals are available from the beginning of the game. They allow to save your progress, and if you are in terrain they let to teleport to nearest town.
  • Red Teleport Crystals are available near the end of the game. They do not allow to save your progress like Save ones, but they can be used to teleport to other towns.

Kingdom Fantasy IIEdit

Teleport CrystalEdit

Teleport Crystals are divided into two categories:

  • Blue, which allow to travel across Earth. They require Toltil's Crystals.
  • Green, which doesn't require Toltil's Crystal to use, but teleport player to only one location, the one available from crystal.

Crystal BoardEdit

Crystal Board is a mean of acquiring Crystal Licences which are used to buy authorizations to use equipment and to enhance statistics.